How to clean your paddle brush - Stellari By Stella Cini

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Brushes: Tips and Tricks

You’ve noticed more lint than usual on your paddle brush and decided that it’s time for a deep clean. So where do you start? Don't worry, we will give you all the tips on how to clean your hairbrushes at home.

Step 1: Take the back of a pen (make sure the cap is on), pencil or old toothbrush and start sliding it along the cushion in between the bristles and slowly nudge the accumulated hair out by pulling upwards. Keep on doing this till all the visible hair and lint is removed.

Step 2: Once you’ve thrown away the accumulated hair (we’ll wait while you do this don’t worry), grab a big bowl that is bigger than your brush. Add some warm water from the tap (not boiling water) and add a teaspoon of your shampoo and mix it well.

Step 3: Dunk your dirty hair brush in and leave it there for around 2-3 hours.

Step 4: Remove the brush, rinse off the soap, and pat it dry on a towel or if you’re in a rush, use a handy hair dryer.

Step 5: Now this is the step most of us forget- Just as you should be doing your shampooing routine twice, you should clean your paddle brush twice! This time, fill a clean bowl with warm water but this time add a pinch of baking soda. (We want to eliminate any germs that might still be living there).

Step 6: Dry your brush by patting it on a towel or using a hair dryer. You’re done! :)

Note: Stellari Premium Hair Brushes are built with an Air Flow technology, that allows the water under the bristle pad to escape so your brush is clean and dry in no time.

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