Caramel Sunset Human Hair Wig

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Length 22 Inches

Meet Caramel sunset with our signature curtain bangs, our 22 Inch warm, caramel toned brown wig designed for anyone looking for an summery alter-ego. Made from 100% human hair, our wigs are your personal canvas, providing you with the building blocks to create a masterpiece that reflects your unique style.

Featuring a lace-front design with pre-bleached knots, it seamlessly integrates with your natural hairline, whether you prefer using adhesives or not, allowing flexibility in styling. Restyle, cut, and wash as you please - your creativity knows no bounds.

  • Vividly coloured 100% human hair
  • Comfortable length for versatile styling
  • Lace-front construction for an ultra-realistic hairline
  • Adjustable nape straps for comfortable wear
  • Additional elastic band for a snug fit
  • Versatile use with or without adhesives
  • Transparent lace for easy blending
  • Color may vary from screen image

No rubbing, just love. Gently soak and dip your wig in a colour-safe shampoo bath to remove any dirt and residue. Follow with a conditioning mask for health and shine.

Skip the heat and let your wig air-dry naturally.

Use leave-in products for extra shine.

Nourish and cherish - your wig deserves it.

Worldwide delivery and 30 day returns. Product can only be returned unworn and with an intact lace.

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Wear your wig like a Pro


Whether you prefer ready-to-wear convenience or crave the creative
freedom of a blank canvas, our Gem Collection wigs are the perfect fit. Easily glue it on and let your imagination run wild, or style it straight out of the box.

take care

Due to the processed nature of the hair, avoid excessive heat, chemicals, or neglect, to prevent dryness, brittleness, or dullness. Detangle gently only when dry
or with a nourishing hair mask applied. Handle your wig with care to preserve its longevity and keep your style looking fresh.


Preserve the vibrant colors and quality of your Gem Collection wig by storing
it properly. Keep it on a wig head or a hat head to maintain its shape and structure.
Store it away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading.


Braid and flatten your hair and apply your wig cap. Easily flip-on your wig like a pro, adjusting the elastic band, straps and hairline to your liking, and you're done!

Complete with a brush through and some finishing oil, and add a headscarf or cap for hairline security.

glue it down

Looking for 12 hour hold? Apply your wig snuggly, adjusting the hairline to your liking. Apply a layer of hairspray or gel onto your hairline, wait 30 seconds, then layer your lace on top. Make final adjustments before blasting with your hairdryer on cold. Boom! Ready for a full day with your new hair.

Set it & forget it

Melt your wig cap to your hair with gel or hairspray. Trim around your hairline and ears and add pins for extra hold. Layer on your wig adhesive on your wig cap and skin, wait 60 seconds, then apply your wig. Make final adjustments, seal with a wig band (or scarf) and you're ready for 72 hours of hold.

*remove with appropriate solvent or soap and water