Stellari emerged from the vision to unite beauty with practicality. With our debut featuring two exquisitely designed paddle brushes, we aspire to revolutionize the world of haircare by placing high-quality tools directly in the hands of creatives.


Stellari is the brainchild of Maltese hair and beauty enthusiast, Stella Cini. Driven by her passion for stunning and eye-catching hairstyles, she envisioned a line of meticulously crafted hair tools designed to not only endure over time but also inspire users.

Stella’s belief is simple, yet powerful: hair products are meant to be seen and be inspirational.


With the introduction of our Premium Paddle Brush collection, we strive to redefine iconic hair tools and products by infusing them with fresh design and unparalleled quality. Our tools cater to both professionals and home users, promising effortless usability at every step.