Regali Premium Paddle Brush

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The Regali Premium Paddle Brush seamlessly blends practicality with aesthetics, delivering the hairbrush of your fairytale dreams. Ideal for home or salon use, this brush features a twisted handle, a shatterproof mirror, and a stylish matte white body with an enchanting design.

All of our paddle brush are designed to effortlessly detangle and smooth hair, speed up drying times, and deliver flawless finishes.

Suitable for all hair types, wigs, and extensions.

Crafted for all hair types, wigs, and extensions, our brushes feature heat-resistant bristles, seamlessly adapting to heat styling needs. The twisted handle ensures a comfortable grip, and the stunning backplate design serves to inspire and adds a touch of elegance. Plus, all of our brushes are made with recycled materials, contributing to keeping our world gorgeous.

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/regali meaning: regal, fit for a monarch

Crafted for the fierce go-getters, our brushes are your key to unlocking hair magic and achieving the never-been-done before. Discover effortless style with our paddle brushes, combining sultry aesthetics and sturdy functionality for sleek, tangle-free locks.


Experience comfortable brushing with our AirFlow Technology. Our brushes are designed for easy use, molding around your head as you brush, thanks to a central air hole.


Simplify your styling routine with our Premium Paddle Brushes. Suitable for all hair types, wigs, and extensions, these brushes effortlessly detangle and smooth without pain, snagging, or breakage. Whether you're brushing out your curls, distributing product, or achieving a salon-worthy blowout, we have you covered.