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Who is Stellari?

Besides being aesthetically beautiful, these brushes were made to last generations. They were designed with a large flat face to brush large sections of hair during styling to speed up drying time. Besides that, the bristles were uniquely designed to be heat-resistant - a feature unique to Stellari which you cannot find anywhere else. This was very important to Stella since the bristles on her old and cheap paddle brushes would melt and burn during blowdries. To make the process more efficient, she created a twisted rope braid handle which was made so the brush wouldn’t slip out of your hand. Essentially, combining functionality with beauty was at the forefront of her decision-making process.

What’s more, the brand is sustainable! It was very important to Stella to create a product that would last for generations and would be made out of recycled materials. The brushes are in fact made out of 50% certified recycled plastics, the insert is made out of recycled egg cartons and the packaging is cardboard based so it can be recycled.

Meet the first brush: DIVINA 

/divina meaning: divine or heavenly/

Every classic paddle brush that you can find online is black. However, none are chic, stylish and beautiful enough to leave lying around your home or in a salon. With this in mind, Stella decided to upgrade the standard model into a premium product with high quality materials that was stylish, elegant and gorgeous. The matte finish and embossed design with a classic minimalist logo on the end cap of the handle exudes luxury and opulence. Inspired by Rococo design, this brush gives off a regal flair, bringing out your inner Queen or King.

Its divine nature gave birth to its name; DIVINA. Whether you’re on-the-go on a glamping trip, island hopping or even rushing to work, this compact and sturdy brush is made to travel along with you. We like to think that Divina hangs around with Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Shay Mitchell.

Meet her sister: ANĠELIKA

/anġelika meaning: angelic/

Anġelika was born right after Divina. Since she’s Divina’s sister, she shares the same qualities as Divina but has a completely different aesthetic. Whereas Divina is more of a baddie- stylish, chic and grunge- the Wednesday Addams of our family, Anġelika is angelic, girly, and adheres to a soft girl aesthetic. Ultimately, both brushes reflect part of Stella’s personality as she uses Divina mainly in salon settings with clients and Anġelika at home when styling her hair alongside her cute dog Salami. We like to think that Anġelika hangs out with the likes of Paris Hilton, P!NK, and Taylor Swift.

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