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What does a paddle brush do for you

You might be asking ‘what exactly is a paddle brush?’ And ‘why does it have such a large flat face?’ You might have seen a paddle brush at your hair salon especially if you’re sporting a beautiful curly mane that might be hard at times to detangle.

So why should you invest in a paddle brush?

1. It’s great for taming frizz and flyaways as it contains the static during hair styling

We’ve all been there. You’re getting your hair blowdried at the salon, you walk out and it suddenly puffs up. You get home and grab any anti frizz or gels to tame it but then it frizzes due to the humidity. To prevent all this, you or your stylist can just use a paddle brush! Its unique design is tailored to remove frizz and flyaways especially from coarse or bushy hair.

2. It’s perfect for detangling

Unfortunately most hair brushes are reminiscent of painful memories of our hair being yanked during styling before school. Enter the paddle brush - instead of spending half an hour detangling those knots, detangle your hair in minutes and what’s more, it’s painless!

3. It’s great to use with blowdryers, straighteners or other heat tools

Calling all clumsy girls (I’m one of them). You’re half asleep styling your hair before school or work and you smell something burning- it’s not toast, it’s your brush! This has happened to us time and time again and instead of sustainably investing in one brush that lasts a lifetime, we end up buying cheap, low-quality brushes that will need to be replaced every few months. With our Stellari premium paddle brushes, your investment can be passed down to future generations.

4. It’s easy to clean

Whereas normal brushes are difficult to clean, the Stellari paddle brush was designed for efficiency and ease. We specifically took out a bristle to drain out excess water from the air filled cushion.

5. Paddle brushes can be used on wet or dry hair

Even though we recommend that you brush your hair when dry, everyone has their preferred styling techniques so you can use the Stellari premium paddle brushes whether you've just come up from a pool or simply want to use it while styling.

6. Add volume and fullness to your hair

Paddle brushes are known for their large flat face. With the size of this backplate, more bristles cover more surface area on your hair and scalp distributing your natural oils evenly resulting in a fuller styled look.

7. Can be used to massage the scalp to stimulate hair growth

Did you know that brushing your hair strengthens your hair follicles, stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth? It also increases the happy hormone serotonin- the feel good hormone which makes you happier!

Get your own Stellari premium paddle brush today

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