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How to prevent hair damage


So we’ve all been there. We’ve got 5-day dirty hair, we’ve jumped into the shower and can’t even untangle our hair whilst trying to shampoo it. We grab a brush and start brushing but realise a lot of hair is falling into the drain, what’s going on?

When you wet your hair, it is at its weakest state meaning that the more you try to detangle/brush it, the more likely you’ll get split ends, and uproot healthy hair. What we recommend is using a wide tooth comb to gently detangle wet hair whilst cleaning it. Once it’s dry go in with a paddle brush and gently detangle and style your hair.

To properly protect your hair from damage, avoid sleeping with wet hair and replace your common pillow case with a silk one. Besides that, since summer is on the way, we recommend a good heat protection spray and a hat to protect your scalp. Remember, your hair is dead. New hairs grow from the root of your scalp so protecting the health of your scalp is of utmost importance. If you’re working on that tan, don't forget the hair sunscreen spay.

If you’re noticing a lot of hair on the floor at the moment, don’t worry its due to the season. Spring is notorious for hair loss and it should only last a few weeks as part of the body’s natural shedding. Also called ‘“seasonal effluvium”  and it is the nature’s way of shedding off old strands of hair that are no longer serving us.

In case that your hair is looking and feeling dead, a good healthy haircut can do wonders. Don't forget to take note of your diet too! Having a balanced diet to get the proper nutrients your body needs plays a very important role too. Try to stay away from Supermarket shampoos and always go for sulfate-free products as they don’t strip the natural oils that are healthy for your hair. Some vitamins such as Biotin, B vitamins, vitamin D, E, zinc and iron also promote the health of your hair, so some multivitamins might also come in handy. (We always suggest contacting your doctor if you're noticing an abnormal amount of hair loss/drastic change).

Another helpful tip is avoiding heat- by giving your hair a break from styling tools, it is more likely to grow into a healthier, fuller head of hair. Your hair is quite sensitive so even simply pulling it up into a tight ponytail or bun everyday might result in excess hair loss. We suggest using a claw clip instead of a hair elastic/scrunchies. If you dye your hair a lot, try a colour which is close to that of your roots or doing a dip dye to prevent excess bleaching and damage. Another alternative is to style your hair in protective hairstyles (such as braids), wear beautiful decorative scarves or a wig.

At the end of the day, all hair is beautiful, different and unique ( just like you).

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