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Stellari was born from a desire to fuse functionality with beauty. Launching with two stunningly designed paddle brushes, Stellari aims to reinvent the hair world by putting the power directly in the hands of the user.

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Stellari was brought to life by Maltese hair and beauty enthusiast, Stella Cini. Her love of beautiful, eye-catching hairstyles paved the way for a line of exceptionally well-made hair tools. Embellished and decorated with ornate designs, dreamy colours and perfect finishes.

Stella’s belief is simple, yet powerful: hair products are meant to be seen and be inspirational.

Our Goals

Launching with our Premium Paddle brush collection, we aim to reinvent iconic hair tools and products and breathe new design and quality into them. Our tools are perfect for both the professional and the home user, ensuring ease of use every step of the way.